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This website is a personal blog that is managed by Dr. Michael Hilton, a physician and photographer. This site contains information and tips all about photography and any up and coming trends in the art style as well as a full bio for Dr. Hilton.

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Dr. Michael Hilton created this site to share tips about photography, one of his favorite hobbies. With all of the genres of photography available, it can be difficult to know where to find the best information. This blog contains advice helpful to those who have all different levels of skill, from people who use cell phone cameras to people who own their own professional cameras. Just check out our Blog Page for helpful articles or click on the About tab to find bio information and a history for Dr. Hilton.


Dr. Michael Hilton

dr michael hilton

Though he now works with NYC Therapeutics, a startup company, Dr. Michael Hilton previously worked for three years as the Medical Director for Sollis Health. In 2009, he attended the University of Pittsburgh and received his Doctorate. He then received his Master of Public Health degree in 2014. In his free time, Dr. Hilton is an avid photographer.

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You will have a valuable source of information in our blog, where you can find trends, tips, and up to date information regarding photography regardless of your level of skill or experience. What’s more, you will also be able to access advice that Dr. Michael Hilton shares that he has picked up from his own experiences behind the camera. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Hilton, just head over to the About Page where you can view his full bio.


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Photography is one of the most popular and accessible forms of art right now. With the constant advancements in photo technology, it no longer takes a professional camera to snap the perfect shot, and today many people carry a high quality lens around in their pockets on their phones. Feel free to use the articles in this blog to learn more about photography, and to find any helpful tips to make your next photo special. Dr. Hilton’s favorite tips and tricks for a great photo will also be found here.

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Anyone looking for more information about photography can benefit from our blog archives, which contain resources in order to help gain valuable knowledge about the field of photography.

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Anyone who is interested in networking with Dr. Michael Hilton or in finding out more about photography should feel free to reach out by clicking on the Contact tab and filling out the form there. Dr. Hilton loves to discuss new trends and art styles, and he will respond back as quickly as possible. You are also encouraged to follow Michael’s social media pages or look through our Blog for articles about photography.


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